The recording system is based around an Apple Mac G5 running Protools with a Digi 02 Rack, this allows us to record up to 16 tracks of audio simultaneously with the use of an additional adat converter. Depending on time and budget we have two different band recording techniques:
Live multi-tracking
All band members are setup in the live room with drums and amps fully mic’d up. Each member has headphones to get a good mix of vocals and click track if used. Vocals, guitar solos and other overdubs will be added once all backing tracks are down. This method gives a live feel to the recording whilst maintaining a good level of studio production and sound quality. We still have total control over the mix as each instrument has its own separate track(s), a small amount of bleed between microphones is to be expected though. However by overdubbing the final vocals tracks later gives a very tight vocal sound without any bleed from instruments in the room. 4 to 5 Tracks in one day
Layered multi-tracking
Similar to live multi-tracking, all band members are setup in the live room but with the focus on the drums and bass sound. All other instruments are DI’d and monitored through headphones so to keep all room noise to a minimum, these are only recorded as a guide at this point. All other instruments can then be overdubbed one by one to give much cleaner separation in the mix, this also allows us to focus on each instrument getting the best sound and tone for the recording. It is much easier attain higher levels of productions this way as changes to sounds and parts can be made more easily.
Recording Equipment Spec:
• Apple Mac G5 running Protools 8
• Apple MacBook Pro
• Digi002 Rack and Mbox
• Focusrite Octopre (Professional 8in/8out adat converter)
• Focusrite Voicemaster Pro preamp channel
• Alesis, Behringer and Yamaha outboard reverb, compressors and gates
• Allen and Heath MixWizard 16 channel analogue desk
• Rode NTK valve large condenser
• Rode NT1a large condenser
• AKG c414s x 2
• Shure SM91 x 2
• Shure SM58 and 57’s
• Audix D6 x 2
• Sennheiser MD421
• AKG C2000b
• CD55 tom clip on mics x 3